Independence Day!!!

  So, what is Independence Day? Independence Day occurs on [...]

Independence Day!!!2021-12-13T12:48:59-06:00

5 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

One of the most common questions students ask GLS teachers [...]

5 Ways to Improve Your English Speaking Skills2021-12-13T12:49:00-06:00

Student Success Story!

Today's student success story focuses on a student whose journey [...]

Student Success Story!2021-12-13T12:49:00-06:00

More about Thanksgiving

Students sometimes ask me, “What’s the biggest holiday in America?” [...]

More about Thanksgiving2021-12-13T12:49:02-06:00

One of Us

At GLS; it takes a well-oiled team to help students [...]

One of Us2021-12-13T12:49:02-06:00
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