Thank you for your interest in Gulf Language School (GLS). We are pleased that you are committed to providing your clients with the highest standard of support, and our aim is to give you the information and support you need to ethically and responsibly promote our programs to your students.

Gulf Language School appreciates the hard work done to provide information to interested students. If you would like to become one of our official agents, please do the following:

Steps for Agents

Step 1

Carefully read our Guidelines for Agents for details on the Commission or Referral Fee that we will pay to agents for sending well-qualified students to Gulf Language School and/or North American University.

Step 2

Apply to be an Agent for Gulf Language School.

Step 3

Within one week, we will respond to let you know if you will be officially accepted.

Step 4

If you are accepted as one of our agents, Gulf Language School will grant the Agent the non-exclusive right to represent the institute solely for the purposes of (1) disseminating information about its programs in Agent Country or City and (2) screening and recommending prospective students.

Step 5

An official copy of the Guidelines for Agents and an Authorization Certificate will be emailed . Upon receipt and after reviewing the Guidelines for Agents, the Agent will complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt and Review of Guidelines for Agents.

Step 6

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions webpage for Agents for information on conditional admission, how to apply, start dates, deadlines, scholarships and financial aid, and much more.

GLS agents your admission teaching